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10 Blog Statistics You Really Need To Know

We’re almost halfway through the year, 😮 which means you still have time to crush your sales and marketing goals before year-end.

Want a good, but often overlooked, way to do that?

Blog posts.

A perplexed toddler saying, "Say What"

That’s right. Blog posts.

Did you know…

  • That 70% of consumers prefer blog posts to ads[1]; and

  • 77% of internet users read blogs regularly[2]

Now, I’m no math whiz, but those high percentages would light a fire under my a$$ and motivate me to start blogging in a New York minute.

Every business — big or small, new or established — needs the following marketing strategies for maximum success:

  • Increased SEO

  • Improved site traffic and your brand's online presence

  • An effective way to help your prospects learn more about your industry, brand, product, or service

And there’s proof that high-grade blog posts deliver.

Willie Wonka saying, "Please share your blogging tips."

Here are 10 eye-popping blog statistics you need to know and proven tactics you’ll want to keep at the forefront of your mind. (Source: Semrush, The State of Content Marketing, 2023 Global Report)

10 Blog Statistics You Really Need To Know To Be Successful

  • 24% of respondents say that long-form blog posts perform best. (Video was #1 with 45%).

  • Researching and adding related keywords in addition to the primary keywords. (45% of respondents say that.)

  • Analyzing and addressing customer questions in their blog posts. (According to 38% of respondents)

  • Adding more visuals (images and video) to their blog posts. (33% of respondents say that.)

  • Articles with at least one video generate 70% more organic traffic than those without.

  • Articles with 7 or more images get the most backlinks (a percentage increase of 555% compared to those with no images) and the most unique page views (a 259% increase). Pro Tip: Strive to include at least 3 images per article.

Willie Wonka saying, "Keep complaing about your lack of web traffic."

Key Features of a Successful Blog That Generate a Ton of Organic Views

  • It’s structured to provide a great reader experience. One that will pique their interest and compel them to want to know more about your product or service. It should also have a lot of white spaces, bullet points, and lists. Pro Tip: Use 2-4 lists per blog post.

  • Content length is less important than creating high-value, useful, relevant content. Topic coverage is extremely important and should focus on the needs of your audience. The optimal length of your blog posts should be determined by the specific requests of your readers and the intent of their search.

  • How often you post can boost the number of website visitors you get. 23.84% of high-performing blogs publish every day. That’s right. Every day. Yes, that’s a lot of subject matter, but that’s what content writers do – produce a lot of content. Those who publish articles every 2-3 days and every 4-6 days also do well.

  • Newer blog posts perform best. There are fewer low-performing articles under one month old and more in the 12-month old group (15.39% and 23.84% respectively).

The Most Interesting Man in the World saying, "I don't blog often, but when I, it's legendary."

So, what can we learn from all these valuable statistics?

Clearly, when SEO blogs are done right and posted regularly, they can help you build, grow, and scale your business. And who doesn’t want that, right?

Just imagine the impact that high-value articles could have on your business. Your brand. And, ultimately, your bottom line.

Thank you Semrush for creating this comprehensive 126-page State of Content Marketing Global Report. It’s truly an invaluable marketing Bible for any proactive content marketer, Chief Marketing Officer, or business owner.

If these stats amazed you, comment below and share your thoughts. And if you’d like some help starting a new blog, improving the ones you have, or creating content ideas, let’s talk.



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