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The Miraculous Mind, Body, Spirit Connection And The Effect It Has On Your Health

Updated: Feb 15

There's an innate connection between the body, mind, and spirit and you must nourish all three for optimal health and wellness.

If someone were to ask if you were healthy or if you felt good, you would most likely think of your body, right? That’s because we are so ingrained to think that being healthy only involves our physical body.

But what about your mind? And your spirit?

I’m a certified yoga instructor and one eye-opening thing I learned in Deepak Chopra’s Yoga Teaching Training Program is that our body, mind, and spirit are innately connected. So, if there’s a fluctuation in one, there will most likely be a fluctuation in the other two, as well.

Let me give you an example that you can probably relate to…

You’re on the phone with a customer service rep (CSR) at your local water company trying to find out why your water bill is $80 higher than it was last month when you didn’t do anything different in terms of water usage. After answering all their security questions, you explain the problem to the CSR, who is clearly reading from a script, and then she tells you that she needs to transfer you to a different department. I imagine you would probably be a little perturbed at this point, right?

You’re now connected with a second CSR and you go through the whole spiel again, explaining the problem and asking him for an explanation. He puts you on hold for seven minutes. Now, if you’ve ever been on hold for seven minutes, you know it seems more like seven hours, right? By now, you’re probably visibly annoyed, upset, and maybe even sweating a bit.

Rep #2 finally gets back to you and says he made some notes in their system, but he can’t help you and needs to transfer you to someone else. At this point, you’re probably fuming with anger and about to blow a gasket! Your heart is pounding faster, your body is heating up, and your face is turning red because you’re so infuriated.

Do you see the mind/body connection here? And, of course, that scenario would most likely affect your spirit in negative ways, too. There's a good chance you would think or even say some not-so-nice things about those reps. You might even internalize what happened so that it festers for the next couple of hours (or even days) and then find yourself lashing out at one of your coworkers, your spouse, or your kids for no reason at all which, in turn, will make you (and them!) feel bad.

Do those side effects or that vicious cycle from that scenario sound familiar?

That's because the connection between the body, mind, and spirit is very real.

In fact, there is scientific evidence of the mind, body, spirit connection and your health.

According to an article I found on, studies in the field of psychoneuroimmunology are demonstrating the effects of the mind and spirit in healing the body.

Take, for example, these three studies…

1. Placebo Effect – In clinical trials, people who got the “sugar pill” or fake drug got better just because they believed they would. [1]

2. Attitude and Cancer – Dr. H. Steven Greer conducted several studies, including a study with a 15-year follow-up on women with breast cancer and he found evidence that attitude is linked to the duration and survival of cancer. [2,3]

3. Your Beliefs Affect Your Health, Including Your Genes – Dr. Bruce Lipton, an internationally recognized biologist and author of The Biology of Belief, is a leader in teaching about the science of epigenetics. His scientific experiments prove that your perception or beliefs affect your health. His studies show that even if you have a gene for a certain disease, it is your beliefs that can turn that genetic issue on or off. To learn more, read The Biology of Belief.

Not only are those studies fascinating, but they’re also eye-opening.

As a prominent alternative medicine advocate, speaker, and writer, Deepak Chopra talks a lot about the connection between the body, mind, and spirit. According to Chopra, you should strive to cultivate a healthy balance among all three. That really resonated with me and I always stressed the importance of being balanced in those areas to my yoga students.

The Chopra Center offers seven valuable recommendations to help us cultivate that balance we so desperately need in our personal and professional lives.

You can read the full article here.

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